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I want to people be aware of this "so call trust worthy company called Adapted mind" first of all I've been a member for quite a long and because i work hard for my kids education I dont always have the extra time to keep track of my bank statement well I just found out that they have been charged me triple the amount for this hole time when they keep advertising the $9.99 per month membership I've been charged $29.99 per mothn and yes for the exact same program .... And yes I 've to confirmed what this other person was stating about the false customer number they provided on their website which only a recording and doesnt matter how many times you call you will never get ahold of nobody,they also ask you to email them in case of questions or hepl needed well they wont reply back neither, YES I DID CALLED THEM AND EMAIL THEM so many times already and i havent get any response at all so im guessin all the extra money I've paid this hole time its pretty much gone and wont have any resolution about it ...

The sad part of this story is that i was so exited when i first enrolled that i talked to family and friends about it and got a bounch of them signed up as well ... But after this I'll make sure to tell everyone I know about this !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adaptedmind Program.

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hi,did you find solution ?


please anyone tell me how I can stop membership

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #966303

I understand I've been paying for over a year now my mom became ill after my signing up and had forgot about it I was looking through my bank statements and I realized I had been paying for over a year . just as you I've been calling for the last past two weeks emailing and calling I'm so upset I finally remembered my password then they cancelled my account I'm going to find away to file false advertising

White Plains, New York, United States #946059

I'm sorry that happened to you!!!!!! Your school should have some common core materials, ask teacher.

And the library is the best!!!

Also maybe the bank will take it off/fight charge for you if/when you have been scammed. Chase bank did this for me once.

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