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I love using Adaptedmind it has helped me so much with my studies but recently the website has been crashing saying it is "unable to connect." The thing was I only used it it like two days ago and now it's not working during the time i need it the most. Please i need this issue resolved.

(now i'm just gonna type a bunch of letters because it won't let me submit this unless i do.)

jfovf skvjfvbf fskbvfjv vjbvjv vbvowrjgb vjndfbn fj mn mn mn m n m nmn mn mn m n mn mn mn mn mn m n n m n md f . dfd fd fdf d fd fd f d t g tg gt gt tg h y ji ji ko lp ok n k j o j i ij ij ij ij ij i j

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